Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen... The Redeemers, by Michael Scott Miller

Sometimes I come across a book listed in the free section of Kobo that is a Smashwords Edition.  This makes me wary.  These are the books that are self-published.  They are written by unknown authors and are available for free or almost free download.  Occasionally they will pop up on and you can order a printed copy for $10 or so.  I'm glad I took the chance on this one.

I read the description of Ladies and Gentlemen... The Redeemers and it sounded promising.  A story about a group of has-been and wannabe musicians trying to make it big was something I could appreciate since I enjoy going to hear up-and-coming bands play live.  This book has heart.  It's funny, it's sad, but most of all, it's real.  It's a story of hope, a story about a leap of faith, and a story about letting nothing stop you from your dreams.  It's a tale of redemption.

Unlike the other books I've read lately, this book has no spirituality or religion in it.  It has some mild language, but not much.  (I think I counted 5 curse words in the entire 71,000 words. *thank you Smashwords for the word count.*)  Overall, this is a clean book.  It's a fun story.  This is a book a man or a woman could read and enjoy.  I read the book in one night (which isn't saying a lot, I know).  I didn't want to put it down.  I was rooting for Bert to get the band together and to make it big.  This book was written so well that I became emotionally invested in the characters.

I will definitely be looking for more of Michael Scott Miller's writing.  I urge you to download a copy of Ladies and Gentlemen... The Redeemers.  The Smashwords website has several download types available for free here.  Just find the one that works with your reader.  Let me know what you think of it!

** per the author, there is a printed version of the book available here on Amazon.  Thanks for the information, Michael!



  1. Allyson
    Thanks so much for the flattering review! I am really glad that you enjoyed the book and appreciate your blogging about it.

    By the way, for those without e-readers, the paperback is available at Amazon.

    Best of luck with the blog.


  2. Michael,

    Thanks for the information!

    I'm glad you stopped by. I'll be looking for your next book. :-)